Similar to students, distance learning can become hectic for tutors, especially when they lack the correct subject and grade resources to facilitate education in their virtual classrooms.

The Best Free Subject and Grade Resources for Distance Learning

Catering to every student’s needs in a typical calendar year in school often proves difficult, and it can get worse when doing things virtually, so as a result many students due to this load go for help to the professional service and ask to do my homework assignment .

The availability of subjects, such services, and grade learning resources, therefore, comes as a divine gift. However, sorting through emails from different students, service providers, and articles can prove overwhelming.

The article will explore some of the best available free subject and grade resources for distance learning to sort out the confusion and make it easier.

Top Subject and Grade Resources for Distance Learning that Come for free

Elementary school science and math

  • Khan Academy. It comes with a creative and smart mixture of K and pre-K activities on Android, iOS, and Amazon platforms.
  • It comes as an adaptive mathematics practice enveloped in something like a role-playing adventure. It comes free and functions on Android, iOS, and website platforms.
  • Tami’s Tower. It entails building a tower, testing, and enhancing to help feed a famishedmonkey. It comes free and operates on Amazon, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • Elementary school social studies and ELA
  • It comes free though proves expansive regarding its digital library that unlocks a book’s treasure trove. The resource comes free for tutors and can get accessed on Chrome, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • The literacy program (K-2) provides comprehensive and adaptive activities. It has both the paid and free versions, and you can access it on the web.
  • The text-leveling tool provides each student with access to complicated readings. Its available on the web ad comes for free.

Elementary school creativity and arts

  • It comes as a virtual art museum that empowers learners to exhibit and expound on their work. It comes free and can get accessed on Android, iOS, and the web.
  • Picture Dots. The platform allows kids to connect dots using multisensory and interactive media maker. It comes free and can get accessed on the iOS platform.
  • Sounds Rebound
  • It allows kids to create musical contraptions having physics sandbox and playful sounds. It comes free and can get accessed on the iOS platform.

Middle school science and math

  • CK-12CK-12. It comes loaded with resources on social studies that prove customized. You can access the resource on the web and for free.
  • Inside Math. It has dynamic videos besides printable support for CCSS mathematic practice. It comes as a web-based open-access resource.
  • Google’s Science Journal. It turns your smartphone into a sensor, and it can collect your lab data besides analyzing them. You can access the resource on Chrome, Android, and iOS for free.
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Middle school social studies and ELA

  • 826 Digital. It’s a common after-school program with resources open to teachers. It comes web-based and with free access.
  • The resource has plenty of features and provides excellent backing for readers. It comes as a web-based resource, and you can gain access for free.


The discussed resources cover elementary and middle school, though plenty still exists for high school grades. Using these free resources can enhance your distance learning process.